30+ Federal Law Clerks Issue Statement Slamming Biden Admin Policy, Courts

The following statement, by over thirty chicken shit anonymous federal law clerks, decrying the Biden administration’s support for Israel and the “genocide” against the Palestinian people illustrates exactly why our country is doomed unless things change quickly.

Via TaxProfBlog:

Judicial ethics rules prohibit both judges and their law clerks from engaging in “political activity,” a broadly-defined term that in practice incorporates most forms of public advocacy. With respect to the war in Gaza, many of us were explicitly instructed by our judges not to participate in a range of activities from providing legal services, to attending protests, to liking related Instagram stories on our private accounts. Some of us were even advised against discussing the conflict in our family group chats over concern that our words could be perceived as representing the opinion of the court for which we work.

Violations of these rules could result in immediate termination of our clerkships—a potentially career-ending ramification. We have thus been forced to spend the last several months as only passive observers of Israel’s assault on Gaza.

Yet many judges have not been deterred from leveraging their powerful positions and life tenure to weigh in on this issue.

For example, in a recent statement, 13 federal judges vowed not to hire Columbia University graduates as law clerks unless the school imposes “serious consequences” on students who participated in pro-Palestine demonstrations. The judges further urged the university to expel, terminate, and identify these students so that “future employers can avoid hiring them.”

Individual judges have publicly expressed similar sentiments. …

In that spirit, we, too, would like to bear witness: to the ongoing genocide in Gaza; to our government’s complicity in that genocide; and to the bravery of those resisting state-sanctioned violence to call for a free Palestine—from campus solidarity encampments to the Gaza Strip. Although the rules of the judiciary prevent us from publicly advocating at this time, we write this letter as a small gesture of our love and solidarity.

These law clerks represent a clear and present danger to our country.

They are supposed to be non-biased yet hide their obvious hate for both Israel, Western values and basic human decency.

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Law clerks help do research and help write legal opinions with huge potential ramifications yet their hatred for our country and what it stands for shines through clearly in their manifesto.

The judges they rail against were simply stating they not willing to hire law clerks from an openly anti-Semitic university, which is exactly what Columbia has become.

Apparently in the minds of these law clerks no one should be discriminated against except for Jewish people.

Hate towards Jews and a love for the bloodthirsty butchers of Hamas is just fine according to these clerks, but God forbid if a word gets uttered against any left wing cause.

These clerks are supposedly the best and the brightest graduates from the best law schools and it shows we as a nation are in big trouble.

The GOP has either been asleep at the wheel while the radical far left took over almost everything, or more likely the leaders of the party are complicit and just fine with it.

The demise of the United States of America seems more and more likely with each passing day.

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Unless the people wake up and demand change it will soon be too late.