After Democrats Stab Israel in the Back, Speaker Johnson Makes a Bold Move to Show His Support

In a recent interview on CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” House Speaker Mike Johnson expressed his unwavering support for Israel and its Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Johnson announced his intention to invite Netanyahu to address Congress, emphasizing the importance of standing with Israel during this critical time.

The Speaker’s remarks came in response to dastardly comments made by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who had called for new elections in Israel and questioned Netanyahu’s ability to break the cycle of violence and preserve Israel’s credibility on the world stage.

Johnson described Schumer’s comments as “almost staggering” and “just unbelievable,” stating that it was “patently absurd” for the Senate leader to suggest he knows better how to run Israel’s democracy.

“Imagine if I came on your show this morning and called for a regime change in Ukraine in the middle of their crisis, fighting for their very survival,” Johnson said, drawing a parallel to Israel’s current situation. “That’s what Israel’s facing right now, and for the leader of the Senate to say such a thing was just outrageous.”

Johnson expressed his desire to have Netanyahu address a joint session of Congress.

When asked if Schumer would have to approve the invitation, Johnson confidently replied, “Well, I guess we’ll find out.”

The Speaker also emphasized the House’s efforts to support Israel, including passing resolutions and addressing funding issues.

He assured viewers that thoughtful conversations were taking place to determine the best course of action, stating, “I think we’ll get the job done and we’ll project strength. Because, you know, we maintain peace through strength.”

In response to the controversy, Schumer later issued a statement welcoming the opportunity for the Israeli Prime Minister to speak to Congress in a bipartisan manner.