Amid Soaring Energy Costs EPA Announces New Power Plant Rules That Will Make Things Far Worse

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has unveiled its long-awaited final rules aimed at curbing carbon emissions from power plants and it’s even worse than expected.

The new regulations, announced on Thursday, mandate that coal-fired power plants planning to operate in the long-term and all new baseload gas-fired plants must capture and store a substantial portion of their carbon emissions.

Industry associations have been quick to criticize the EPA’s final rules, with the National Mining Association (NMA) labeling them as “irresponsible.”

Rich Nolan, NMA president and CEO, expressed his disappointment, stating, “The Biden Administration has refused to account for irrefutable evidence that electricity demand is soaring, disregarded validated reliability warnings from grid experts related to coal plant closures, and ignored the basic fact that there is no adequate replacement ready to replace the sorely needed, dispatchable generating capacity coal provides once it is shuttered.”

Nolan further added, “We’ve seen this unlawful regulatory playbook before, challenged it and the Supreme Court agreed with our take; we will do so again and expect the same outcome.”

The American Petroleum Institute (API) also voiced its concerns regarding the final rules.

Dustin Meyer, Senior Vice President of Policy, Economics and Regulatory Affairs at API, commented, “We remain concerned that EPA’s final rule fails to properly consider grid reliability and the need for new natural gas plants to maintain that reliability.”

The API emphasizes the need for the Biden administration to prioritize removing barriers to building new generation capacity and addressing the inadequate permitting process. This, they argue, would facilitate the development of critical infrastructure, including carbon capture and hydrogen technologies.

As the United States tries to deal with soaring energy demand amid electrification mandates and high inflation, the implementation of these final rules could prove to be a challenging task.

The power plant industry, which has never before been subject to federal legislation imposing such standards, is likely to face significant hurdles in adapting to the new regulations.

Reaction on social media to the Biden administrations new power plant rules was swift and harsh. Here’s a small sample:

You can expect these new rules to be challenged in court, and rightly so and this is but another example of overreach by the Biden administration.