Congressman Ken Buck

Another Republican House Member Abruptly Resigns, ‘Sellout’

In a surprising move, Republican Representative Ken Buck of Colorado announced his resignation from Congress, effective next week. Buck, 65, revealed his decision in a statement posted on a social media platform, without offering a clear reason for his departure.

However, he expressed his eagerness to continue participating in the political process and spend more time with his family in Colorado.

Buck’s sudden exit narrows the already slim Republican majority in the House, reducing it to 218 seats compared to the Democrats’ 213, with three vacancies.

This development comes at a time when Republicans can only afford to lose two votes if they aim to pass legislation.

During an interview with CNN, Buck attributed his departure to the dissatisfaction of his constituents with the available candidates and the dysfunction within Congress.

He emphasized the need for change in the electoral laws and expressed his determination to join an organization that aligns with his passion for improving the electoral process.

Buck stated that he chose to leave now instead of completing his term to become actively involved in the current election cycle and address the concerns of Americans.

He described the current state of Congress as particularly dysfunctional this year, describing it as the worst year in 40 or 50 years to be in Congress.

He believes that the body has devolved into bickering and nonsense, failing to serve the American people effectively.

When questioned by CNN’s Dana Bash about whether Trump’s likely nomination as the Republican candidate influenced his decision, Buck emphasized that the broken candidate selection process motivated him to take action.

He expressed his desire to focus on this issue and work towards positive change.

Buck, a vocal critic of former President Donald Trump and the impeachment effort against President Joe Biden, has been a prominent figure in Colorado politics.