Biden Admin Plan For Green Economy Missing One Important Component – The Electricity to Power it All

The passage of the Inflation Reduction Act has set in motion the Biden administration’s vision for the destruction of America a clean energy economy, according to a detailed analysis from Just the News.

With billions in funding allocated for green tech manufacturing, the administration aims to create jobs, reduce dependence on China, and usher in a new so called era of sustainability.

However, as the nation rushes headlong into this forced green revolution, it is becoming painfully evident that the Biden administration’s lack of foresight and proper planning may lead to disastrous consequences.

At the heart of the problem lies the administration’s failure to consider the immense strain that the green manufacturing economy will place on the nation’s electricity supply.

As energy analyst David Blackmon told Just The News, “It’s no surprise this is happening, and it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone in our government. Although, it always seems to be.” While China has fueled its green manufacturing economy by building out coal capacity, the U.S. has been shutting down its coal-fired plants without a clear plan to replace the lost power.

The repercussions of this shortsightedness are already being felt across the country.

From the $4 billion Panasonic electric vehicle battery factory in Kansas to the new green-energy factories in Georgia, projects are struggling to secure the necessary power to operate.

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As the number of clean-energy supply chain projects continues to grow exponentially, the demand for electricity will only intensify, further exacerbating the problem.

The Biden administration’s single-minded pursuit of renewable energy goals, often at the expense of affordable and reliable electricity, threatens to undermine the very foundation of its green economy aspirations.

As Mark Mills, founder of the National Center for Energy Analytics, warns, “If we make our energy more expensive, especially electricity, then the manufacturing won’t get built, even with the incentives. Because they won’t be able to afford it.”

The administration’s proposed solutions, such as the development of a hydrogen economy, are not only impractical but also demonstrate a fundamental lack of understanding of the energy landscape.

The push toward electrification, without proper consideration of the massive increase in electricity demand it would entail, further highlights the administration’s reckless approach to the energy transition.

Moreover, the Biden administration seems to have conveniently ignored the crucial role of hydrocarbons in manufacturing.

As Mills points out, “Everything that is being claimed about a transition away from hydrocarbons is imaginary and fundamentally naive.” Hydrocarbons are not only essential for 80% of primary energy but also play a vital role in the production of everything from windmills and electric cars to food and hydrogen electrolyzers.

The Biden administration’s hasty and ill-conceived push for a green future, driven by political expediency rather than sound planning, risks plunging the nation into an energy crisis of its own making.

By prioritizing ideological goals over practical considerations, the administration has set the stage for a future marked by skyrocketing energy costs, unreliable power supplies, and a crippled manufacturing sector.

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Failure to course-correct now may lead to a future in which the promise of a green economy remains unfulfilled, while the nation is left to bear the costs of the Biden administration’s shortsightedness.