Biden Admin to Deploy 1,000 U.S. Troops to the Gaza Strip

The Biden administration has announced plans to deploy up to 1,000 U.S. troops to the Gaza Strip to construct a temporary pier, enabling the daily delivery of over 2 million meals to Palestinian civilians.

This decision comes in the wake of mounting pressure from far-left Democrats and Muslim voters who have criticized President Biden for his perceived lack of support for Palestinians following the devastating October 7 terrorist attacks perpetrated by Hamas.

Pentagon press secretary Maj. Gen. Patrick Ryder stated on Friday that the 7th Transportation Brigade Expeditionary from Joint Base Langley Eustis in Virginia will be tasked with establishing an offshore expeditionary pier using their Joint Logistics Over-The-Shore (JLOTS) capability.

This pier will allow cargo to be transferred from larger vessels to smaller boats, which will then transport the humanitarian aid to a temporary causeway in Gaza.

The attacks, which claimed the lives of 1,200 people in Israel, have been widely supported by the Palestinian populace, including children, as evidenced by recent polls indicating a pervasive hatred for the United States and Jews among Palestinians.

The U.S. military’s involvement in Gaza is expected to span several months, with Ryder emphasizing that “there will be no U.S. forces on the ground in Gaza” and that the operation will be conducted from offshore military vessels.

The Biden administration’s decision to deploy troops and provide substantial humanitarian aid to Gaza raises concerns among conservatives, who question the wisdom of offering support to a population that has demonstrated overwhelming backing for terrorist activities targeting Israel and harbors deep-seated animosity towards the United States.

Critics argue that this move may be seen as rewarding Palestinian aggression and could potentially embolden future terrorist attacks.

Moreover, the allocation of significant military resources and personnel to this mission diverts attention and assets from other pressing national security matters.

Conservatives contend that the Biden administration should prioritize the safety and well-being of American citizens and allies, rather than expending efforts to aid a hostile population that has shown little interest in pursuing peace or stability in the region.