Biden Set to Announce Betrayal of Israel at SOTU, US Military to Build Port in Gaza

During his State of the Union address President Joe Biden is set to stab Israel in the back and throw a lifeline to Hamas.

Biden will announce that the US military will be directed to build a port in Gaza to deliver “humanitarian aid.”

We all know that the beneficiary of the aid will be Hamas and the presence of US troops will deter Israel and shield the terrorists.

Via Fox News:

“Tonight in the speech, the president will announce that he’s directing the U.S. military to lead an emergency mission to establish a port in the Mediterranean on the Gaza coast that can receive large ships carrying food, water, medicine and temporary shelters,” the official said.

“This port, the main feature of which is a temporary pier, will provide the capacity for hundreds of additional truckloads of assistance each day,” a second official added. “We will coordinate with the Israelis on the security requirements on land and work with the U.N. and humanitarian NGOs. Understand the distribution of assistance within Gaza and Israeli settlements will come via Cyprus enabled by the U.S. military and a coalition of partners and allies.”

“This new significant capability will take a number of weeks to plan and execute the forces that will be required to complete this mission are either already in the region or will begin to move there soon,” the official added. “We look forward to working with our close partners and allies in Europe, the Middle East and beyond, to build a coalition of countries that will contribute capabilities and funding for this initiative.”

Declining to get ahead of the Department of Defense in terms of the number of personnel involved in the operation and security questions, an official said mechanisms would be established with assistance from the United Nations and humanitarian partners to distribute the aid on land within Gaza.

“This is foreseen to be an operation that won’t require U.S. boots on the ground,” the official reiterated. “I think one of the reasons why this development is so key is that we’re building a redundant system so that we aren’t relying on one or two crossings as single points of failure in terms of being able to get assistance in.”

This is a flat out betrayal of our strongest and oldest ally in the region.

The way war works, or at least for any country but Israel apparently, one side attacks until the other surrenders or both sides can no longer continue. Then you have peace.

Why are the people calling for Israel to stand down not calling for Hamas to surrender?

Bottom line, Joe Biden is selling out Israel to get votes in Minnesota and Michigan.

Lets hope Netanyahu says no to Biden’s absurd and craven effort to save Hamas to win votes here at home.