Biden’s Mysterious New Shoes Adds to Speculation Surrounding His Health

President Biden’s new footwear has ignited a fresh round of speculation about his health and physical condition, with some suggesting that the shoes were chosen to help prevent falls.

The Republican National Committee’s research arm tweeted, “Biden’s handlers are forcing him to wear a new pair of ‘lifestyle sneakers’ because he trips so much,” drawing attention to the president’s recent choice of shoes.

While some have compared the appearance of these shoes to “boat anchors” and “piers,” a report from “Inside Edition” revealed that the president is actually wearing “Hoka Transport” sneakers, designed by the brand Hoka for maximum comfort and support during walking or hiking activities.

The wide sole of the shoe is intended to provide enhanced stability, which could be beneficial given the president’s history of stumbling.

The “Inside Edition” report acknowledged Biden’s past incidents of tripping but emphasized the comfort of the shoes, likening the experience to “walking on air.”

Notably, the American Podiatric Association has given these shoes its seal of approval for promoting foot health.

This endorsement is particularly relevant considering the revelation during Biden’s recent physical that he suffers from sensory peripheral neuropathy in his feet. Dr. Gabrelle Laurenti, a podiatrist interviewed for the report, explained that peripheral neuropathy is caused by nerve damage, which can result from trauma or disease.

Biden’s public stumbles and near misses have been a recurring issue throughout his presidency.

In a recent incident last month, the president nearly fell while climbing the stairs to board Air Force One but managed to catch himself on the handrail.

This followed several similar incidents in 2021 that prompted the White House team to employ shorter stairs for easier access to the plane.

The Secret Service has also adapted its protocols, with an agent now positioned at the bottom of the stairs when Biden disembarks.

However, the president’s balance issues have not been limited to stairs, as evidenced by his widely publicized fall on stage during the 2023 Air Force Academy commencement.