Biological Male Wins Girls High Jump Competition, ‘Country is Full of Failing, Gutless Mothers and Fathers’

A biological male just took first place in the state girls high jump competition in New Hampshire and Riley Gaines is PISSED, and for good reason.

Via the Daily Wire:

A boy who is a high school sophomore took first place in the girls’ high jump competition at the New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association (NHIAA) indoor track and field championship.

Maelle Jacques, who celebrated as a female competitor failed to match his winning jump, jumped 5’2”, one inch higher than any girl but roughly a foot lower than the winning jump in the boys’ competition.

Twelve-time All-American swimmer Riley Gaines slammed Jacques’ parents, posting on X, “How could the parents of this boy allow their son to cheat deserving women out of opportunities? And why don’t the parents of the girls stand up and say ‘no’ for their daughters? This country is full of failing, gutless mothers and fathers.”

The organization that oversees the track competition reportedly allows athletes to compete in whatever division they want.

Shannon McGinley, executive director of Cornerstone Action, said, “If school boards feared their constituents more than they feared [law firm] Drummond Woodsum and leftist superintendents, in a matter of months, we could have half the school districts in the state organized into an alternative NHIAA. The solution is for parents to stop accepting cowardly excuses from school board members who ran as conservative.”

Riley Gaines is absolutely correct about this.

If parents had the guts to stand up for their girls this would end immediately.

In my opinion if a boy want to pretend he’s a girl, well it’s (sort of) a free country.

But that boy (and his parents) crosses the line when he insists on competing in girls sports against biological females.

This has to stop but it will continue as long as the parents of these girls are gutless wonders.