Bloomberg Forced to Admit Trump is Now One of Top 500 Wealthiest People in the World

Here is a headline, from Bloomberg of all places, that is going to make those on the left and all of the never-Trumpers on the right have a nervous breakdown.

Take a look:

After years of doing everything possible to destroy Donald trump and his family he is now one of the richest men in the world.

You know this is going to make all of the talking heads on MSNBC, CNN and even on Fox insane with rage.

Here’s a small example of the coming rage from USA Today:

“Shares worth billions of dollars from Trump Media & Technology Group’s merger with Digital World Acquisition Corp. and a reduction in the bond that the former president must post in a New York civil fraud lawsuit increased his net worth by more than $4 billion Monday, catapulting him into the world’s wealthiest 500 people on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index for the first time.

Trump estimated his fortune at $6.5 billion, an increase of more than $4 billion.

That’s a massive uptick from his previous high of $3.1 billion, which consisted mostly of his real estate holdings. Trump and his company were accused of grossly inflating the value of those holdings to get better loan and insurance terms in the civil fraud suit.

Trump lost at trial in February and was supposed to post a bond of more than $500 million, but a state appeals court slashed that amount to $175 million Monday.

“We have a great company and are incredibly honored,” Eric Trump, executive vice president of the Trump Organization, said in a statement to Bloomberg.”

Here’s the part that’s making lefty journalists especially unhappy. After going public Trump’s new company lost some value, but guess what, not any more:

Shares of Digital World Acquisition Corp. surged 35% in regular trading Monday, gaining $13.01 to close at $49.95, erasing losses from Friday when investors voted to approve the deal.

Truth Social’s parent company will have a market value of approximately $5.5 billion when it starts trading and Trump’s stake will be worth about $3 billion – at least on paper. That stake is included in Bloomberg’ calculation of Trump’s net worth.

Grab some popcorn, this should be fun!