Blue City BEGS Landlords to Rent to Migrant ‘Newcomers,’ Blames Republicans For the Problem

The city of Denver is facing a crisis due to its “sanctuary” policies and the open border policies of Joe Biden.

In an effort to reduce the current budget deficit, the city has started to scale back its migrant services, shuttering shelters and consolidating existing ones.

Local property owners have been asked to house some of the “newcomers” who need a place to stay.

Jon Ewing, with Denver Human Services, said the city is looking for alternative ways to house its illegal immigrants.

He stated that they have reached out to landlords with connections to the city, asking if they would be interested in renting to migrants who need housing.

The city has also emailed rental property owners asking if they would be willing to rent to migrants.

Ewing stated that the effort is being supported by locally operating non-profits who have already connected migrants with various forms of housing, with thousands making their way out of shelters.

The city has been able to get many of the migrants work permits, allowing them to earn an income and pay their way for accommodation.

However, the influx of migrants has put the city’s health system at a breaking point.

About 8,000 illegal immigrants have recorded about 20,000 visits to Denver Health last year, receiving services such as emergency room treatment, primary care, dental care, and childbirth.

The city of Denver has supported 38,861 migrants from the southern border at a cost of nearly $58 million so far.

Venezuelans make up the vast majority of those who have arrived in the city since 2023.

Texas has transported thousands of migrants to sanctuary cities like Denver, highlighting the problems that border states face when migrants flood their cities.

The city’s struggle to stretch its limited resources to support the growing number of migrants has led to a crisis.

It’s time for the people to rebel and vote all of the Democrats out this coming November and restore sanity to the nation’s governance.

The city’s “sanctuary” policies and Joe Biden’s open border policies have caused this crisis, and it’s time for the people to take a stand and demand change.