Blue State Governor Pushing Forward Plan Prioritizing Illegal Immigrants Over Citizens For State Jobs

In a move that has sparked controversy and criticism, New York’s Democratic Governor, Kathy Hochul, is pushing forward with a plan to reform the Civil Service Commission, prioritizing illegal aliens for entry-level state jobs.

This decision comes as the state approved a plan in January to hire 4,000 illegal immigrants for such positions, eliminating several requirements for eligibility.

The new rules will no longer necessitate applicants to take the civil service exam or possess a high school diploma, aiming to expedite the hiring process once work permits are approved.

The Civil Service Commission endorsed this plan on January 18, as reported by Spectrum News.

Governor Hochul defended the initiative by asserting that business owners across the state have urged her to approve illegals for jobs.

New York City’s Democratic Mayor, Eric Adams, shares the same sentiments, advocating for lowering barriers for illegals to access both government and private sector positions.

In an attempt to justify the plan, New York State Senate Labor Committee Chairperson, Democrat Jessica Ramos, equated “New Yorkers” with the migrants she represents.

Ramos also advocated for higher taxes on “the rich” to fund the new positions and reduce income inequality.

However, the reality is that “the rich” are leaving New York in large numbers due to soaring taxes and anti-business policies.

A 2022 study revealed that New York City lost another 10% of taxpayers earning more than $750,000, while the state has lost ten more billionaires to Florida.

The exodus of high-income earners and businesses, coupled with Hochul’s prioritization of illegal immigrants for state jobs, raises questions about the state’s commitment to its citizens and its economic future.

This situation calls for New Yorkers to stand up against this policy and demand a focus on the well-being of American citizens. By making their voices heard, they can pressure Hochul to reconsider her stance and prioritize the needs of her constituents.