Canadian Police Surrender to Criminals, Advise Residents to Leave Car Keys Out For Thieves

In a startling development, the Toronto Police Service (TPS) has suggested residents leave their car keys by their front doors to deter violent home invasions by car thieves.

During a recent community safety meeting in Etobicoke, Constable Marco Ricciardi stated, “To prevent the possibility of being attacked in your home, leave your fobs at your front door because they’re breaking into your home to steal your car. They don’t want anything else.”

This advice comes as Toronto faces an alarming 400% increase in home invasions and break-ins related to auto thefts.

According to the Canadian Finance and Leasing Association (CFLA), a vehicle is stolen every six minutes in the city, resulting in an annual cost of nearly $1 billion.

The situation has become so dire that criminals are increasingly resorting to violence and firearms to steal vehicles, as reported by Global News.

While the TPS’s recommendation to leave keys in a Faraday bag by the front door may prevent thieves from remotely accessing them, it is a misguided approach that essentially surrenders to the criminals.

By making it easier for thieves to steal cars, the police are sending a message that law-abiding citizens must compromise their security to avoid violence. This is a stark reminder of the consequences of an unarmed society, where citizens are left vulnerable to the whims of criminals.

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Instead of advising residents to facilitate car thefts, the Toronto Police Service should focus on increasing their presence and resources to deter crime. Hiring more officers, investing in community policing, and implementing proactive strategies to combat auto theft would be far more effective than expecting citizens to leave their keys out for the taking.

The TPS’s statement fails to address the root causes of the problem. Suggesting that residents park their vehicles in garages, install security systems, and keep their properties well-lit places the burden of crime prevention on the victims rather than the perpetrators.

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