Chick-fil-A Hits New Sales Record, Only McDonalds Does More Business

Chick-fil-A is on a roll, and there’s no signs of slowing down.

The fast food chain raked in a whopping $21.58 billion in sales for 2023, a 14.7% jump from the previous year’s $18.81 billion. To put that in perspective, it’s a mind-boggling 43% increase from 2021’s $15 billion. Incredibly, Chick-fil-A has basically doubled its total sales since 2018.

As Chick-fil-A continues to dominate the fast food chicken market, it’s worth noting that their competition isn’t just limited to other chicken joints.

Back in 2018, experts at Kalinowski Equity Research pointed out that Chick-fil-A’s biggest rival is actually McDonald’s.

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It’s no surprise that the Golden Arches and pretty much every other fast food chain have been trying to copy Chick-fil-A’s famous chicken sandwich ever since.

Fast forward to today, and Chick-fil-A is still leading the pack.

Their latest Franchisee Disclosure Document, released just this week, shows that the average sales for non-mall Chick-fil-A locations hit a record-breaking $9.3 million in 2023. That’s an 8.1% increase from the previous record of $8.67 million set in 2022.

What’s even more impressive is that Chick-fil-A manages to achieve these amazing numbers while staying closed on Sundays.

That’s right – despite being open one day less than their competitors each week, Chick-fil-A continues to outshine them all.

It’s a testament to the brand’s loyal customer base, top-notch service, and consistently delicious food.

Chick-fil-A’s success story is a masterclass in building a strong brand identity, maintaining high product quality, and delivering outstanding customer service.

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As the chain continues to grow and thrive in an increasingly competitive market, it sets the standard for what it takes to succeed in the fast food industry.