CNN Host Fareed Zakaria Makes Stunning Admission About NYC Trump Trial

In a recent segment on his show, CNN host Fareed Zakaria openly suggested that the felony charges against former President Donald Trump in New York, related to falsifying business records, appear to be politically motivated.

Zakaria stated, “I doubt the New York indictment would have been brought against a defendant whose name was not Donald Trump,” highlighting the potential bias surrounding the high-profile case.

According to Zakaria, the trial against Trump is likely to keep him in the spotlight and further energize his loyal supporters.

Ironically, he noted that the legal proceedings might inadvertently make Trump a more sympathetic figure to the general public, as many Americans believe the prosecutors are driven by political agendas rather than a commitment to justice.

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Zakaria’s assessment aligns with the growing sentiment that the charges against Trump are politically calculated to undermine his influence and reputation. Zakaria has clearly joined those questioning the impartiality and fairness of the legal proceedings.

The CNN host also discussed the widening divisions within the Democratic Party, contrasting it with the apparent unity regarding former President Trump among Republicans.

He cited President Biden’s low approval rating for his handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict as evidence of the party’s internal discord.

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Meanwhile, Trump’s recent campaign rally in the traditionally blue state of New Jersey drew a massive crowd of 80,000 to 100,000 people, according to a Trump spokesperson.