Democrat Congressional Candidate Suggests Trump Supporters Be Sent to Re-Education Camps

Paula Collins, the Democrat running against GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik in New York’s 21st district, has stirred up a hornet’s nest with her shocking remarks during a recent Zoom Townhall.

Collins suggested that “MAGA” supporters should be sent to “re-education camps” after the 2024 election, even if Democrats win big.

Her words have triggered a wave of anger from Republicans and beyond.

Alex DeGrasse, a top advisor to Rep. Stefanik, blasted Collins, calling her a “radical New York City Democrat Socialist” who wants to force Trump voters into “‘re-education camps.'”

He made it clear that many Republicans would find her comments deeply offensive.

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Collins tried to backpedal, claiming she just wants better civics education for everyone.

She argued that some lawmakers, including Rep. Stefanik, don’t fully grasp the law.

But her explanation hasn’t cooled the outrage.

Many see her remarks as not just out of line, but downright dangerous.

They seem to push for brainwashing people based on their political views. And the silence from other Democrats? It speaks volumes about where they stand.

Questions have also popped up about Collins’ background. She’s a New York City lawyer who rents a room in the district to claim residency, but has never voted there before.

DeGrasse is betting big on Rep. Stefanik, saying this is just another reason why she, President Trump, and voters nationwide will wipe the floor with Democrats in November.

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It’s a sign of the growing rift between the parties and the increasingly toxic political climate.