Federal Judge Rules Against Draconian California Gun Control Law

A federal judge in San Diego shot down a California gun control law that limited purchases of firearms to once every 30 days.

Via the San Diego Union Tribune:

The latest regulation to be overturned — though it will remain in effect for the time being, pending appeal — is the state’s ban on high-frequency firearms purchases, otherwise known as the one-gun-a-month law. It restricted California residents from buying more than one firearm within a 30-day period.

State lawmakers said the regulation was aimed at deterring straw purchases, which is when someone buys a gun on behalf of someone else who cannot legally make the same purchase. A group of firearms owners, licensed gun dealers and firearms-rights organizations sued the state, arguing the prohibition infringed on their Second Amendment rights.

U.S. District Judge William Hayes sided with the plaintiffs in a 24-page ruling granting a motion for summary judgment.

“Defendants have not met their burden of producing a ‘well-established and representative historical analogue’ to the (one-gun-a-month) law,” Hayes wrote.

Blue states like California and New York keep passing draconian gun control laws and they keep getting shot down in federal court.

The Supreme Court has been very clear the the Second Amendment means what it says.

Yet Blue States keep passing gun control laws knowing full well they’re going to be overturned but until those laws are overturned they can used them to persecute legal and responsible gun owners.

It’s a cycle that keeps repeating itself over and over again. And probably won’t stop until voters finally have had enough and throw the Democrats out of office.