GOP PACs Pour Millions into Winning Votes Through Battleground State’s Largest Ever Vote-by-Mail Program

In a historic move, a coalition of conservative political action committees is investing tens of millions of dollars to launch Pennsylvania’s most extensive vote-by-mail program ever.

The Republican State Leadership Committee PAC, Keystone Renewal PAC, and The Sentinel Action Fund aim to boost turnout among conservative voters, not just on Election Day but throughout the early voting period as well.

Dee Duncan, president of the RSLC PAC, called the effort “the largest and most comprehensive Republican vote-by-mail effort in Pennsylvania history.”

The initiative seeks to build upon the PACs’ successful strategies from battleground districts in 2023.

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Traditionally, Democrats have relied more heavily on early and absentee voting, while Republicans have focused on Election Day turnout.

However, GOP leaders now recognize the importance of adapting to evolving voting patterns. “Republicans must be mobilized earlier in the cycle and equipped with a strategy to connect with and turn out voters before Election Day,” said Jessica Anderson, president of the Sentinel Action Fund.

The conservative coalition’s multipronged approach includes a website,, which allows Pennsylvania voters to sign up for mail-in ballots for both the primary and general elections.

The effort has garnered support from high-profile Republicans, including former President Trump’s campaign and presumptive Senate nominee Dave McCormick.

With razor-thin margins expected in key races across Pennsylvania, the conservative PACs hope to gain an edge by expanding the Republican voter base and targeting low-propensity and persuadable swing voters.

As Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-Tenn.) noted, “Our voters need to run up the score so high in November that Democrats’ dirty tricks can’t keep up.”

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The substantial investment in Pennsylvania’s vote-by-mail program underscores the increasing importance of early and absentee voting in modern elections.

As the battleground state gears up for closely contested races in 2024, Republicans are determined to leave no stone unturned in their quest for victory.