Jill Biden Makes Appearance at High School, Gets Completely Mocked Over Signage

First lady Jill Biden stepped into a high school in West Valley City, Utah Tuesday to show support and appreciation to teachers as they launch into the second half of the school year.

What seemed like a simple appearance to promote teachers and education turned into a social media firestorm at FLOTUS expense.

How it is possible her entire staff missed the obvious problem with the location and signage is beyond comprehension but it made for a hilarious scene.

You can’t make this stuff up…

In case you missed the irony, these folks will enlighten you.

FLOTUS’ stepson, Hunter Biden, has been under scrutiny since the contents of his infamous laptop came to light just before the 2020 election but was quickly stuffed until well after his father became President.

Among other alleged criminal activities, the laptop revealed Hunter’s drug addiction. Hunter has has readily admitted to his struggle with crack cocaine so it is not up for debate.

Additionally, the President’s beleaguered son is facing three felony gun charges stemming from lying about his addiction to illegal drugs when he purchased a .38 revolver in 2018, prosecutors allege.

Congress has also been investigating Hunter’s business dealings with foreign governments, especially Ukraine and China, and what role, if any, his father played in those dealings.

Jill Biden appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” just last week lamenting what she believes is unfair treatment of her son by the GOP.

“I think what they are doing to Hunter is cruel,” she told host Mika Brzezinski. “And I am really proud of how he has rebuilt his life after addiction.”

After condemning those who have questioned or commented on Hunter, it is incredulous that her staff missed the obvious of FLOTUS not only speaking but standing at a podium and under a banner proudly showing the school’s name, Hunter High.

Social media users were not the only ones wondering how Hunter High was chosen.

“I was surprised that they chose Hunter High and I was wondering what was it that made her choose that, but I’m super honored,” Italian teacher Stefania Orme told Salt Lake City’s Fox-13.