LAPD Forced to Form Task Force Dedicated to Fighting Migrant Gangs Targeting High End Homes

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is taking action to address a surge in burglaries orchestrated by Latin American gangs targeting affluent neighborhoods in Southern California.

Chief Dominic Choi has acknowledged the significant increase in these crimes, stating, “I can tell you that we have a significant increase in burglaries from organized groups that are outside this country, that are coming into the country, and they are targeting high-end residents.”

With over 900 homes burglarized in Los Angeles this year, the LAPD has formed a specialized task force to combat this growing threat. The department is collaborating with other affected agencies to tackle the criminal activity perpetrated by these organized groups entering the country.

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The majority of the gang members hail from Chile, although law enforcement has identified nationals from other South American countries, such as Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia, among the culprits.

Authorities suspect that many of these individuals are exploiting a 2014 visa waiver program designed to encourage tourism from trusted countries. This waiver allows citizens of designated member nations to travel to the US for tourism or business purposes for a maximum of 90 days without obtaining a visa.

According to LAPD Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton, the burglars typically avoid carrying firearms to circumvent gun charges. “They sometimes carry jamming devices to disable home security systems,” he revealed to the Los Angeles Times.

The issue extends beyond Los Angeles, as police in Scottsdale, Arizona are also grappling with a series of crimes attributed to South American theft groups.

Just last week, Scottsdale police announced the arrest of three individuals in connection with “dinner-time burglaries,” as reported by FOX 10.

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As law enforcement agencies across the region join forces to combat this alarming but predictable trend, residents of targeted neighborhoods remain on high alert seeking to safeguard their homes and valuables from these brazen criminal enterprises.