Large Numbers of Chinese Caught Trying to Sneak Across the Border

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents apprehended a large group of 182 Chinese nationals who had illegally crossed into the San Diego Sector on Tuesday, according to a CBP source who spoke with Fox News.

This incident highlights a growing trend of Chinese migrants attempting to enter the United States through the southern border, with the number of apprehensions surging from a mere 342 in 2021 to an astonishing 22,233 since the beginning of the current fiscal year on October 1.

The San Diego Sector has become a focal point for this phenomenon, with the number of Chinese migrants encountered in the area now surpassing that of Mexican citizens.

CBP data reveals that since October, Chinese nationals rank second only to Colombians (28,000) in terms of apprehensions, followed by Mexicans (18,000), Brazilians (8,700), and Ecuadorians (7,700).

While some Chinese migrants have expressed support for President Biden’s policies, others remain indifferent to the political landscape.

One migrant, who shared his experience with Fox News, explained how he gathered information from Chinese social media apps to navigate the challenging journey to the United States. “No matter whether it is Trump or Biden, we just wanted to come to the United States,” he stated, adding, “We want to go to the United States mainly for our children and to give them a better future.”

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The dramatic increase in Chinese migrants crossing the southern border has drawn criticism from Republicans, who argue that the reversal of Trump-era border policies has contributed to the surge.