Basel Bassel Ebbadi

Lebanese National Claiming Hezbollah Ties Arrested at US-Mexico Border, ‘I’m Going to Make a Bomb’

In a troubling development, Border Patrol agents recently apprehended Basel Bassel Ebbadi, a 22-year-old Lebanese national, after he illegally crossed the border from Mexico into Texas near El Paso.

According to an exclusive report by the _New York Post_, Ebbadi made a shocking admission to agents, stating, “I’m going to try to make a bomb” when questioned about his reasons for entering the United States.

The arrest, which took place on March 9, led to Ebbadi’s transfer to the El Paso hardened facility for processing and further investigation.

Two days after his initial apprehension, Ebbadi’s alarming statement prompted agents to move him into isolation and alert the Tactical Terrorism Response Team, who conducted an in-depth interview.

During the March 12 interview, Ebbadi, who had been read his Miranda rights, reportedly confessed to being a member of a foreign terrorist organization.

The Lebanese national claimed to have undergone seven years of training with Hezbollah and served as an active member for an additional four years, with responsibilities that included guarding weapons locations.

This incident is just one of many recent cases involving individuals on the terror watch list attempting to enter the United States illegally.

In the first four months of Fiscal Year 24, which began on October 1, 2023, nearly 60 such migrants have been identified, adding to the approximately 270 apprehended in the prior two fiscal years—a trend that has shattered previous records.

The arrest of Ebbadi and his alleged ties to Hezbollah raise serious concerns about the potential for terrorist infiltration through the porous US-Mexico border.