NXXT Golf Tour CEO Defends Decision to Ban Biological Males

In a recent interview, NXXT Golf Tour CEO Stuart McKinnon addressed the controversy surrounding the decision to ban transgender athletes from the Women’s pro tour, emphasizing that the move was made in the interest of “competitive fairness.”

The decision has sparked heated debate, with transgender golfer Hailey Davidson criticizing the ban as a “slap in the face” to female athletes.

McKinnon explained that the decision was not made lightly, stating that the organization consulted with stakeholders in the golfing and sporting communities, including coaches, players, doctors, and scientists.

The ultimate conclusion was that biological males had a physiological advantage against female athletes, necessitating a change in policy.

Davidson, who won the NXXT Women’s Classic back in January, took to Instagram to express her frustration, asserting that the ban was a disservice to all female athletes. However, McKinnon maintained that the decision was made after careful consideration and feedback from players on the tour.

Interestingly, the ban was announced on International Women’s Day, highlighting the importance of protecting women’s sports categories based on sex.

According to McKinnon, the overwhelming feedback from female athletes was that they preferred to compete against biological women only.

The controversy has led to a significant backlash, prompting the women’s tour to clarify its decision in a statement.

The NXXT Women’s Pro Tour’s policies were formulated in alignment with those of the LPGA and USGA, ensuring a fair and consistent competitive environment.

When Davidson joined the tour, she provided the necessary documentation and validation from the LPGA and USGA, which also facilitated her participation in the 2022 Q-School.

McKinnon emphasized that the decision was anything but “knee-jerk,” citing his own education on the subject as a critical factor.

He acknowledged that when Davidson joined the tour, she complied with the existing policies by providing the required documentation.

In conclusion, the NXXT Golf Tour’s decision to ban biological males from the Women’s pro tour has ignited a heated debate, with strong opinions on both sides.

The CEO’s stance on the issue underscores the importance of competitive fairness and the need to protect women’s sports categories based on sex.