NY Gov Hochul Tries to Blame Republicans For Migrant Crisis, Just One Problem…

Governor Kathy Hochul’s recent appearance on ABC’s “The View” has sparked controversy as she attempts to shift blame for the ongoing migrant crisis to Republicans. Despite her own family’s history of immigration and the challenges faced by her grandfather as a migrant farm worker, Hochul’s accusation that Republicans are solely responsible for the current situation at the border is misguided and fails to acknowledge the role of Democratic policies in exacerbating the problem.

Hochul claims that New York is doing its best to manage the influx of migrants, citing the high cost of providing housing and other services.

She stated, “We are doing the best we can to manage the influx, get people housing, it is very expensive and the state of New York is in for about $4.3 billion.” While it is commendable that New York is stepping up to assist migrants, the question remains: why is there such a massive surge of illegal immigration in the first place?

The answer lies in the open border policies championed by Democrats, which have encouraged unprecedented numbers of migrants to attempt to enter the United States illegally. By removing key deterrents and failing to secure the border, Democrats have created a crisis that is now overwhelming border states and spreading to other parts of the country.

Hochul’s attempt to blame Republicans for blocking federal funding to address the migrant crisis is disingenuous.

She stated, “The Republicans in Congress and in the Senate, said no, because Donald Trump called him up one night, the night before they should have voted on this to send 2,000 more agents, border patrol people to the border.” However, this ignores the fact that Republicans have consistently called for stronger border security measures and have been met with resistance from Democrats who prioritize open borders over the safety and security of American citizens.

The migrant crisis is a direct result of Democratic policies that have incentivized illegal immigration and undermined the rule of law.

Hochul’s attempt to deflect blame onto Republicans is a stark example of the Democrats’ unwillingness to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions.

As the situation continues to deteriorate, it is clear that the Democrats’ open border policies have failed and that a new approach is needed to address this pressing issue.