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Oakland Company Seeking Cannabis Tester, Pays Up to 85K a Year

Oakland’s SmokeLand, a cannabis delivery company, has recently posted an unconventional job listing on Indeed, as reported by SFGate.

The company is searching for a multifaceted individual to take on the responsibilities of a cannabis tester, expert blunt roller, and social media content creator. This distinctive role offers a competitive salary of $85,000 per year and revolves around the consumption and evaluation of cannabis products.

The successful candidate will be expected to possess a deep passion for cannabis culture and a talent for creative storytelling.

They should also have a discerning eye for design and the ability to produce compelling content that resonates with SmokeLand’s growing community.

The job listing emphasizes the importance of being recognized as a cannabis expert within one’s community.

While the concept of a full-time cannabis tester may seem unusual, the cannabis industry in California is thriving, with numerous job opportunities available across various sectors.

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According to the report, Indeed was advertising 1,358 job openings in the industry on Thursday alone, ranging from administrative roles to positions in sales, packaging, cultivation, and customer service, in addition to the rare cannabis tester and blunt roller positions.