Steve Garvey Slammed Adam Schiff in California Senate Debate: ‘Sir, You Lied to 300 Million People’

In the dynamic political race for Senator Dianne Feinstein’s successor in California, Democratic Representative Adam Schiff, infamous for his involvement in the Russiagate hoax, holds a comfortable lead, as reported by CBS News.

Thus, the focus is all on who will clinch the second spot on the ballot, thanks to the state’s jungle primary system. The contest comes down to three candidates, Democrats Katie Porter and Barbara Lee, and the lone Republican, Steve Garvey.

The debate at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles saw Democrats primarily attacking Garvey, the only Republican with a fighting chance. However, Garvey seized a crucial moment to remind Californians of why Schiff should not even be a contender.

Garvey’s confrontation of Schiff centered on Schiff’s censure for spreading falsehoods about Russian collusion. “I think you’ve been censured for lying,” Garvey directly challenged Schiff in a heated exchange.

This accusation spotlights Schiff’s tenure on the House Intelligence Committee, where he persistently alleged a collusion between Donald Trump and Russia during the 2016 campaign – claims that were later debunked.

Schiff’s retort was defensive. “Mr. Garvey, I was censured for standing up to a corrupt president,” Schiff proclaimed, adopting a hypocritical posture of moral high ground.

“And do you know something? I would do it all over again. Because that corrupt president, that president who’s been indicted with … 91 felony counts, that president that you won’t refuse to support — yeah, he’s a danger, and I will stand up to him and (former House Speaker) Kevin McCarthy and Jim Jordan and any of those MAGA enablers of his in the Congress,” Schiff continued.

He even went so far as to say, “The reason why our democracy is in trouble is because folks don’t have the courage to stand up when they need to.”

Despite Schiff’s pious, albeit feeble, defense, Garvey’s rebuke was on point, hitting it out of the ball park. “Sir, you lied to 300 million people,” he declared. “You can’t take that back.”

While Schiff may have attempted to align Garvey with Trump and the MAGA movement, he is not, as Schiff says a typical “MAGA enabler.” Much of the debate showed Garvey’s hesitation to endorse Trump, walking the tightrope in a very liberal state.

However Garvey did not hesitate to point out Schiff’s actions as acts of cowardice rather than bravery was pointed and unambiguous.

Schiff’s role in propagating the Russiagate narrative is a significant aspect of this debate. The censure resolution, introduced by Florida GOP Representative Anna Paulina Luna, detailed Schiff’s dissemination of unverified claims from the Steele dossier during a 2017 hearing with then-FBI Director James Comey.

The New York Times, at the time, stated Schiff “carefully laid out the history of the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russian officials. It was a performance that showed how an avalanche of information can leverage the limited power of the minority party to damage a president.”

It was also all complete bloviation and flat out distortion, as it was widely known in intelligence circles at the time that the “information” the Steele dossier, the very flawed fabric of the Russiagate hoax, was untrue and unverifiable.

This controversy resulted in Schiff becoming one of the few representatives to be censured in the 21st century, a fate he shares with Paul Gosar and Charles Rangel. However, the reaction from the Democrats, particularly Porter and Lee, was of staunch defense of Schiff. Their actions, like Schiff’s, is a testament to the lengths at which the Democrats will go to prevent another Trump presidency, not to mention the moral corruptness of the two Dem candidates.

The core issue of Schiff’s dishonesty transcends mere political stretches of truth. His perpetuation of the false Trump-Russia connection was not just a lie; it was a deeply divisive and destabilizing narrative, impacting millions of Americans. His fellow Democrats, Porter and Lee, not only supported but endorsed this divisive rhetoric.

It is clear the only hope of not having a morally bankrupt Senator out of California is if In a state like California, is if Steve Garvey is given the second slot when voters head to the polls in March. It is a huge stretch given the state is predominantly left with a seemingly endless tolerance for such significant political deception.