SUCCESS: Texas’ Operation Lone Star Apprehends Over 500,000 Migrants in 3 Years

Texas’ Operation Lone Star (OLS) has reached a significant milestone, apprehending over 500,000 illegal border crossers in its three years of operation.

Governor Greg Abbott’s initiative stands as a testament to the state’s unwavering determination to address the escalating border crisis, which has been exacerbated by the Biden administration’s lax policies.

As Governor Abbott aptly stated, “Americans are outraged by Joe Biden’s complete failure to secure the border.”

The governor’s words exemplifies the mounting frustration felt by many citizens who witness the daily influx of illegal immigrants and the associated challenges it poses to public safety and national security.

Texas, under Abbott’s leadership, has taken a proactive stance, declaring, “We will not back down” in the face of this ongoing crisis.

The staggering numbers speak for themselves: since the launch of OLS, law enforcement officers have apprehended more than 503,800 illegal foreign nationals and made over 40,400 criminal arrests, with more than 36,100 felony charges reported. These figures highlight the severity of the situation and the immense pressure placed on Texas’ resources.

Fiscal year 2023 saw an unprecedented surge in illegal border crossings, with more than 1.9 million foreign nationals entering Texas illegally – a record-breaking figure that accounts for nearly half of the nationwide total.

In response to this escalating crisis, the Texas legislature has allocated a substantial $11.6 billion to fund OLS over a four-year period, surpassing the amount the Trump administration had dedicated to federal border security efforts in the state.

The OLS budget primarily supports the operations of the Texas Military Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety, with approximately $3.1 billion earmarked for expanding border barriers and infrastructure, including the construction of Texas’ own border wall. This bold move makes Texas the first state to take such decisive action in the face of federal inaction.

Moreover, Texas has taken the initiative to transport over 100,000 illegal foreign nationals to six self-proclaimed sanctuary cities, allocating roughly $200 million of the OLS budget to this effort.

Governor Abbott argues that this voluntary transportation program provides a necessary service to those unlawfully released into Texas by the Biden administration, allowing them to reach their chosen destination.

The majority of these individuals opted for New York City, followed by Chicago, Denver, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and Los Angeles.

Perhaps most alarming is the staggering amount of fentanyl seized by OLS officers – more than 469 million lethal doses, sufficient to kill the entire population of the United States and Canada.

As Governor Abbott asserts, “Every individual who is apprehended or arrested and every ounce of drugs seized would have otherwise made their way into communities across Texas and the nation due to President Joe Biden’s open border policies.”

It is clear that Texas has taken a necessary and commendable stand in the face of a federal government that has failed to fulfill its duty to secure the nation’s borders.

The success of Operation Lone Star serves as a model for other states grappling with the consequences of illegal immigration.

By prioritizing border security and allocating significant resources to the effort, Texas has demonstrated that decisive action can yield tangible results.

It is time for more states to follow suit and take a proactive approach to addressing this pressing issue, ensuring the safety and well-being of their citizens in the face of a federal government that has abdicated its responsibility.