Teacher Fights Back in Court After Being Fired for Refusing to Transition 8 Year Old Student

In Nottingham, England, a former primary school teacher, known as “Hannah,” is currently defending herself in court after being fired for expressing concerns about her school’s endorsement of pro-transgender ideology.

According to Fox News Digital, Hannah was asked by her employer to treat an eight-year-old student who was coming into her class as transgender at the start of the 2021 school year.

The school’s policies for students were based on guidance from the pro-LGBTQ group Stonewall Champion, which allowed the child to be referred to by their new name and pronouns and use opposite-sex facilities at the school.

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Hannah, who is being supported by the Christian Legal Center, raised concerns with school officials about the potential dangers of leading children down a path that could result in irreversible changes to their bodies.

“I shared concerns about the long-term effects of ‘affirmation,’ how kids can end up eventually being led in a direction which convinces them they are in a wrong body and then they can take irreversible measures to change their appearance and effectively destroy their own body,” Hannah told Fox News Digital.

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Despite her efforts to present evidence to the school, Hannah claims that her concerns were ignored. She was subsequently fired after consulting her lawyers about the policy, according to the Christian Legal Center.

Hannah is now taking legal action against the primary school and Nottinghamshire County Council, arguing that she was targeted for whistleblowing, unfairly dismissed, and discriminated against based on her Christian beliefs.

Hannah, who had worked at the school for five years without incident, believes that speaking out on this issue out of concern for her students’ welfare cost her a career.

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“I raised a genuine safeguarding issue in good faith, and not only was I silenced and forbidden to discuss this with anybody, but I was also sacked, reported to a professional regulator, and lost my career as a teacher. I now work making sandwiches in a sandwich bar,” she explained.

The case is being heard before an Employment Tribunal at Nottingham Justice Centre on Tuesday. Nottinghamshire County Council did not respond to a request for comment on the matter.