Turncoat Republican Senator Threatens to Leave the Party Over Trump Nomination

In a interview with CNN, Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska expressed her deep dissatisfaction with the Republican Party’s trajectory and its apparent transformation into the party of Donald Trump.

The seasoned lawmaker, who was one of seven GOP senators to vote in favor of convicting the former president during his second impeachment trial following the tumultuous events of January 6, 2021, minced no words when discussing her stance on Trump’s potential candidacy.

“I wish that as Republicans, we had … a nominee that I could get behind,” Murkowski lamented. “I certainly can’t get behind Donald Trump.” Her candid remarks underscore the growing divide within the Republican Party, as some members grapple with the party’s identity and future direction.

Murkowski’s disillusionment with the GOP’s alignment with Trump has led her to contemplate her own political future.

When pressed on whether she would remain a Republican, the senator hinted at her independent mindset, stating, “Oh, I think I’m very independent minded.”

She further expressed her regret that the party “is seemingly becoming a party of Donald Trump.”

While Murkowski has not explicitly stated her intention to leave the Republican Party, her recent actions suggest a willingness to break ranks.

In the 2024 election cycle, she and fellow Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine offered a belated endorsement to former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, mere days before Haley withdrew from the race.

Murkowski’s criticism of Trump extends beyond his political aspirations.

She firmly denounced his recent comments suggesting that Jewish people who support Democrats must “hate” their religion, labeling the statement as “incredibly wrong and awful.”

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Furthermore, the senator pushed back against Trump’s characterization of January 6 prisoners as “hostages” and “patriots” deserving of pardons. “I don’t think that it can be defended,” she asserted, emphasizing that the storming of the Capitol was an attempt to disrupt the certification of a legitimate election.

Bottom line is Murkowski is already a Democrat for all intents and purposes so her leaving the GOP would not be a big loss. Just don’t let the door hit you on the way out.