Watch: Tow Truck Driver in San Francisco Tries to Steal a Moving Car

San Francisco’s crime problem has reached a new low.

In a city already struggling with rising crime rates, a shocking incident caught on video has left people stunned.

On April 10, a software engineer filmed a tow truck boldly trying to steal a Toyota Corolla that was stopped at a red light – with the driver still inside!

The video, shared by SFGATE, shows the tow truck lowering its boom and getting ready to lift the front tires of the Corolla.

People watching can’t believe what they’re seeing. “What’s he doing?” one person asks, clearly confused by the crazy scene.

The Corolla driver, realizing what’s happening, backs up to get away from the tow truck. But the tow truck driver isn’t giving up that easily. He aggressively backs up, trying to chase down the Corolla.

Luckily, a car behind the Corolla moves out of the way, giving the targeted driver a chance to escape.

People on the sidewalk start yelling at the tow truck driver, angry and shocked by what they’re witnessing.

The woman who says she was a passenger in the Corolla told ABC7 that the tow truck chased them for several blocks before finally giving up.

One strange thing about the incident is that the tow truck had the company’s name and phone number clearly visible on it.

It’s not clear if the driver actually works for the company or if the truck was stolen.

Trying to steal a car with someone inside takes things to a whole new level.

This crazy incident is just more proof of how bad crime has gotten in San Francisco.

It’s leaving people scared and demanding action from the city to make the streets safer.

Watch this brazen attempt to steal a car with people inside:


Best advice is stay as far away from San Francisco or better yet, California, as you possibly can.