Watch: Trump Supporters Humiliate Kathy Griffin by Crashing Her Comedy Show

Kathy Griffin, a controversial left-wing comedienne, faced a fierce backlash from Donald Trump supporters during her recent show in Huntington, Long Island.

The protesters, numbering in the dozens, gathered outside the venue to express their discontent with Griffin’s past actions and statements regarding the former president.

Griffin’s contentious history with Trump dates back to May 2017, when she participated in a provocative photo shoot with artist and photographer Tyler Shields.

In one of the images, Griffin held up a severed head resembling Trump, covered in dark red blood. The photograph, obtained by TMZ, quickly gained global attention and sparked outrage among Trump’s supporters.

During the photo shoot, Griffin reportedly joked about the potential consequences of the pictures, suggesting that she and Shields might need to flee the country to avoid imprisonment.

This incident was not the first time Griffin had publicly expressed her disdain for Trump. In a previous mock campaign advertisement, she repeatedly told the then-Republican presidential candidate to “f\*ck off.”

The protestors at her Huntington show made it clear that they have not forgotten Griffin’s past actions and statements.

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