All You Need To Know About Joe Biden, Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas Brutally Summed Up By a Single Cartoon

By now most people are aware of Joe Biden’s betrayal of Israel and his taking the side of Iran and Hamas in the current conflict.

For whatever reason the Biden administration is prioritizing the survival of the terrorist group Hamas over our longstanding alliance with Israel.

Israel is on its own and lets hope they do what they need to do to finish the job, anything else is national suicide.

They say a picture can be worth a thousand words so here is all you need to know about Joe Biden, Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas brutally summed up by a single cartoon:

Nails it!

Sad, disgraceful but par for the course for this wicked and evil administration.

Biden and his boss hate Israel and especially hate Netanyahu for refusing to bow down to their dictates.

In fact reports indicate that the Biden administration has been negotiating secretly with Iran on regime change in Israel.

A vote for Joe Biden or any Democrat in November is a vote in support of anti-Semitism, Hamas and all of the wicked things this administration has done over the past 3 plus years.

Even worse the Biden administration is not only evil and wicked they’re also stupid and incompetent.

Most of the US Aid Delivered From Floating Pier off Gaza Has Been Stolen

The United States military recently completed construction on a floating pier in Gaza, intended to facilitate the delivery of critical aid to the region.

However, reports have emerged that most of the supplies are being stolen before reaching their intended recipients.

During his State of the Union address, President Joe Biden announced the pier’s construction as part of ongoing efforts to provide support to Gaza.

The Pentagon confirmed on Tuesday that 569 metric tons of aid had been successfully transported ashore via the new infrastructure.

Despite this initial success, the Pentagon has been unable to confirm how much, if any, of the delivered aid has reached the organizations responsible for its distribution. According to Reuters, “there has been no aid delivered to a U.N. warehouse from a U.S.-built pier for two days.”

On Friday, the United Nations reported that ten truckloads of food aid, transported by U.N. contractors from the pier site, successfully arrived at a World Food Programme warehouse in Deir El Balah, Gaza.

However, on Saturday, only five out of the eleven truckloads dispatched reached the warehouse, with the remaining six being emptied by Palestinians during transit through an area described by a U.N. official as “hard to access with humanitarian aid.”