Appeals Court Issues Huge Election Integrity Ruling in Major Swing State

In a significant ruling that bolsters election security in Pennsylvania, the U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the state’s requirement for dated signatures on mail-in ballots.

The 2-1 decision, issued by a panel of three Democrat-appointed judges, overturned a previous federal district court ruling that had struck down the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s 2022 mandate for the “dated signature requirement.”

The RNC, NRCC, and PAGOP had initially secured a victory on this issue in November 2022 before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

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However, a federal district court later invalidated the dated signature requirement in November 2023, prompting the RNC to appeal the decision.

The 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals ultimately sided with the RNC’s argument, affirming the importance of mail ballot safeguards in this critical swing state.

The ruling emphasized that the Pennsylvania General Assembly has the authority to determine the rules for mail-in voting, stating, “The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania unanimously held this ballot-casting rule is mandatory; thus, failure to comply renders a ballot invalid under Pennsylvania law.”

Pennsylvania RNC Chairman Michael Whatley praised the decision, calling it a “crucial victory for election integrity and voter confidence in the Keystone State and nationwide.” He emphasized that Pennsylvanians have the right to feel secure about the integrity of their mail ballots and that this ruling firmly rejects attempts by left-wing groups to count undated or incorrectly dated mail ballots.

This decision not only strengthens election security in Pennsylvania but also sets a precedent for other states facing similar challenges to their mail-in voting requirements.

By upholding the dated signature requirement, the court has taken a step towards ensuring a fair and transparent electoral process, reducing the potential for fraud or mishandling of ballots.

As the nation prepares for the 2024 election, this ruling serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining strict standards for mail-in voting to protect the integrity of the democratic process.

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The RNC has pledged to continue its efforts to fight for election integrity in courts across the country, and this victory in Pennsylvania is a significant step in that direction.