Biden Admin Finalizes Rule to Kill Off Gas Powered Vehicles, Force Government Mandates EVs

President Joe Biden’s administration has unveiled an unprecedented plan to phase out gas-powered vehicles and usher in an era of government-mandated electric vehicles (EVs).

Despite earlier reports from The New York Times suggesting that the administration might soften its stance due to declining consumer demand for EVs, the White House ultimately bowed to pressure from far-Left environmental groups and activists, proceeding with the most aggressive effort to date to eliminate combustion engine vehicles.

The Washington Post, referring to the plan as “controversial,” reported that the new rule will compel automakers to drastically increase EV sales while simultaneously reducing carbon emissions from gasoline-powered models.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) claims the national pollution standard, which may face legal challenges, would prevent more than 7 billion tons of carbon emissions and yield $100 billion in annual benefits for the United States.

The announcement sparked immediate criticism from conservative political figures, who cautioned that Biden’s agenda would have detrimental effects on the American automotive industry.

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Republican Senate candidate Dave McCormick expressed concern, stating, “Biden’s extreme climate agenda will crush America’s auto industry and its hard workers while making us MORE dependent on China.” He further highlighted the irony of the situation, asserting that Biden’s policies would lead to increased global emissions by restricting liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports and sourcing lithium for batteries from Chinese mines.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) echoed these sentiments, characterizing Biden’s ban on gas-powered vehicles as “another direct assault on consumer choice and the American way of life.” He argued that the move disregards the needs of American families in favor of appeasing the radical environmental lobby, potentially jeopardizing millions of jobs in the automotive industry. Cruz called for an end to this regulatory overreach.

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Similarly, Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) described the agenda as “restrictive and unnecessary,” emphasizing that Americans should have the freedom to choose the most suitable vehicle for their individual needs.