Biden Gets Bad News, Majority Say They Won’t Watch State of the Union Address

Joe Biden Just got terrible news regarding his State of the Union address.

The latest Economist/YouGov survey reveals that the majority of adult American citizens are unlikely to tune into Joe Biden’s State of the Union (SOTU) address.

When asked if they would watch this year’s SOTU on Thursday, March 7th, 63 percent of respondents indicated they would not.

Within this group, 47 percent had no interest in watching the address, while the remaining 16 percent expressed a desire to watch but anticipated being unable to do so. (Probably had to wash their cat)

Conversely, only 37 percent planned on watching the State of the Union address.

Breaking down the responses by voter registration status, 43 percent of registered voters stated they have no interest in watching the address, with an additional 15 percent wanting to watch but expecting to miss it.

On the flip side 42 percent of registered voters planned to watch.

Among independents 57 percent saying they wouldn’t watch the SOTU address and had no desire to do so.

Another 13 percent were interested but said they would not manage to watch it.

In total, only 30 percent of independents expressed plans to watch Biden’s State of the Union address.

To be fair most State of the Union addresses are ignored by voters and for good reason.

They’re usually boring events, where the President announces a whole bunch of things that will never happen and take credit for things he had nothing to do with.

Half the attendees get up and clap at every inane thing while the other half sits there stone faced and pretends to be mad or bored.

This one will be no different with one main exception.

Tonight though all eyes will be on Joe Biden to see how long, even with the help of the teleprompter, he can string together coherent sentences.

They’ll have him juiced up on something but we’ll see how long it can last.

For the few of us who plan on watching, grab some popcorn, it should be at least somewhat interesting.

Will Joe Biden crash and burn? The bar is set pretty low so we will see.