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Watch: Catholic Bishop SLAMS Biden, ‘He’s Just Stupid’ When It Comes to His Faith

In a recent lecture titled “Forgiveness as the Heart of Christianity,” Bishop Robert Gruss of the Diocese of Saginaw in Michigan addressed the importance of forgiveness, even towards public figures like President Biden.

The bishop’s comments have sparked a debate about the appropriateness of his remarks and the discrepancy between Biden’s policies and his Catholic faith.

During the lecture, Bishop Gruss shared his personal experience of forgiving his alcoholic father and urged congregants to let go of unproductive anger and resentment towards others.

He emphasized that this lack of forgiveness can apply to public figures as well, stating, “If you’re harboring bad, negative, resentful feelings towards our president, you’re not free.”

The bishop encouraged the faithful to confess such resentments when seeking the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

When reflecting on his own feelings towards President Biden, who has embraced a public affiliation with Catholicism while supporting policies contrary to Church teaching, Bishop Gruss expressed pity rather than anger.

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“I don’t have any anger towards the president. I feel sorry for him. I’m not angry at him, he’s just stupid,” the bishop said, clarifying that he meant “stupid” in the sense that Biden “doesn’t understand the Catholic faith.”

The bishop’s comments have drawn attention to the growing opposition from Catholic prelates to Biden’s self-professed Catholic identity.

Pope Francis himself has previously remarked on the “incoherence” of Biden’s stance on abortion as a professed Catholic, stating, “I leave it to \[President Biden’s\] conscience and that he speaks to his bishop, his pastor, his parish priest about that incoherence.”

Following the heated debate surrounding his remarks, Bishop Gruss issued a statement through the Diocese of Saginaw, clarifying his points and apologizing for his choice of words.

“I used the word ‘stupid’ in reference to President Biden, recognizing that it was poor judgment in my choice of words,” Gruss said. “It was not meant to be disparaging, and I apologize.”

The bishop’s lecture and subsequent comments have reignited the conversation about the relationship between faith and politics, particularly in the context of the Catholic Church.

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As the debate continues, it remains to be seen how this incident will impact the ongoing dialogue between the Church and the Biden administration.

Image Source: Diocese of Saginaw