Columbia Faculty Pass No-Confidence Resolution in University President, The Reasons Why Explain a Lot

The faculty of Columbia University’s arts and sciences department has overwhelmingly passed a resolution expressing no confidence in President Minouche Shafik, according to a report from left wing publication Axios.

The reasons why are mind-blowing.

The vote, which saw 65% of the 709 participating professors back the measure, comes amidst growing national scrutiny over Shafik’s response to pro-Palestinian demonstrations on campus.

The resolution, a scathing indictment of Shafik’s leadership, accuses her of violating “the fundamental requirements of academic freedom and shared governance” and launching an “unprecedented assault on students’ rights.”

It specifically takes issue with her decision to deploy police to disperse pro-Palestinian protesters, a move the faculty believes warrants “unequivocal and emphatic condemnation.”

According to the resolution, Shafik ignored the unanimous opinions of faculty and students on the Senate Executive Committee who rejected her request to bring armed New York City police onto the campus.

The document further alleges that Shafik “compounded the damage” by calling the police to arrest student protesters just 12 days later, again without consulting the University Senate.

The events in question unfolded in late April when demonstrators took control of Hamilton Hall, barricading themselves inside.

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The standoff ended with the New York Police Department forcibly removing the protesters from the building.

This resolution is a deeply troubling sign of just how far left the faculty at Columbia University has shifted.

By condemning Shafik for taking necessary steps to maintain order and safety on campus, they have effectively prioritized the rights of disruptive protesters over the well-being of the wider student body.

Notably absent from their concerns are the Jewish students who have reported feeling unsafe amidst these demonstrations.

It is difficult to imagine this same faculty showing such tolerance if the protesters were advocating for conservative causes or expressing support for former President Donald Trump.

The double standard is glaring and speaks to the anti-Semitic and anti-American sentiments that have seemingly taken root among the elite academic class.

As one of the nation’s most prestigious universities, Columbia has a responsibility to foster an environment where all students feel safe and respected, regardless of their political or religious beliefs.

By capitulating to the demands of a vocal minority, the faculty has abdicated this duty and set a dangerous precedent for the future of academic freedom.

It is time for the leadership at Columbia, and indeed at universities across the country, to take a stand against the growing tide of intolerance and extremism on their campuses.

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Failure to do so will only further erode public trust in these institutions and undermine their ability to provide the high-quality education and open discourse that is so essential to the health of our republic.