FBI Data Shows Assaults on Law Enforcement Reaches a 10 Year High, ‘Treated Like Scum’

A disturbing trend has emerged in the United States, as assaults against law enforcement officers have reached a troubling 10-year high, according to recently released FBI data.

The figures paint a grim picture, with 79,000 recorded attacks on officers in the past year alone.

While the number of officers killed in the line of duty decreased slightly from the previous year, the cumulative toll over the past three years surpasses any other comparable period in history.

Delving deeper into the statistics, the FBI spokesperson noted an especially concerning rise in assaults involving firearms. “Agencies reported that 466 officers were assaulted with guns in 2023, the highest level in a decade,” they stated, emphasizing the stark contrast with 2014, when fewer than 200 such incidents were recorded.

Joe Gamaldi, vice president of the National Fraternal Order of Police, expressed his dismay at the findings, asserting, “There is no question that there is a war on cops in this country.”

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He pointed to his organization’s own data, which aligns with the FBI’s assessment. “Shootings of police officers have increased by 60%,” Gamaldi revealed, adding that 2023 is already outpacing the previous year, with nearly 150 officers shot thus far.

Former FBI Special Agent Nicole Parker attributed the escalating violence against law enforcement to a shift in public sentiment since the summer of 2020. “In many cities, there has been a general demonization and disrespect for law enforcement – trust and respect for law enforcement has recently deteriorated,” she explained.

Parker suggested that this vilification has emboldened individuals to justify assaulting or even killing officers, perceiving them as “evil tyrants” infringing upon their rights.

Both Gamaldi and Parker highlighted the role of politics and media narratives in perpetuating this dangerous climate.

Gamaldi argued that certain actors have capitalized on the demonization of police for personal gain, leading to officers being “disrespected, delegitimized and treated like scum.”

Parker pointed to the growing “legal and social scrutiny” that has left many officers reluctant to defend themselves, even when fully justified, for fear of legal repercussions and trauma.

To address this crisis, Gamaldi urged House Republicans to pass the “Protect and Serve” act, which would make assaulting a police officer a federal crime.

He also called for prioritizing ambush training for officers, citing the 115 ambush attacks last year that resulted in 136 officers being shot.

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Most importantly, Gamaldi emphasized the need for a fundamental shift in how society treats law enforcement, stating, “We generally need to stop treating police officers like crap in this country.”