In Message to the West Taliban Supreme Leader Announces Plan to Stone Women to Death

The Taliban’s supreme leader, Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada has announced plans to officially reinstate the barbaric practice of stoning women to death for adultery.

Speaking directly to Western democracies via a voice message aired on Taliban-controlled state media, Akhundzada defiantly proclaimed, “You say it’s a violation of women’s rights when we stone them to death. But we will soon implement the punishment for adultery. We will flog women in public. We will stone them to death in public.”

These chilling words serve as the strongest confirmation yet of the Taliban’s intent to revert to the draconian policies that defined their previous rule in the 1990s.

Despite reports of the group’s continued extreme abuse against women, including a horrific 2015 incident in which a 19-year-old woman was stoned to death for allegedly engaging in premarital sex with her fiancé, the Taliban’s latest statement leaves no doubt about their commitment to enforcing these inhumane practices on a larger scale.

Since Biden surrendered Afghanistan to the Taliban in August 2021, the country has witnessed a resurgence of capital punishments and public executions.

According to a U.N. report from May 2023, 175 individuals had been sentenced to various punishments, with 37 people facing stoning, over 100 sentenced to lashings for “crimes against God,” and four others condemned to have walls collapsed upon them.

The international community has repeatedly called on the Taliban to respect human rights, particularly those of women, which have been severely curtailed since the terrorist group’s return to power.

In response to international condemnation, Akhundzada defiantly stated, “These are all against your democracy, but we will continue doing it. We both say we defend human rights – we do it as God’s representative and you as the devil’s.”

The mullah further claimed that women’s rights were incompatible with the Taliban’s extreme interpretation of Islam, asserting that they are “against sharia and clerics’ opinions, the clerics who toppled Western democracy.”

So maybe, just maybe surrendering Afghanistan to the Taliban and leaving them billions in weapons was not a good idea.

The people of Afghanistan have Joe Biden to thank for this.

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