Joe Manchin Just Announced Potential Running Mates For 3rd Party Run

At a breakfast forum hosted by the City Club of Cleveland, Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia floated the idea of a third-party presidential bid, naming Senator Mitt Romney and former Senator Rob Portman as his potential choices for vice president.

In front of approximately 150 attendees, Manchin singled out Romney and Portman for praise, specifically highlighting Portman as a “dear friend” and lauding him as a “good man.”

The event, led by City Club CEO Dan Moulthrop, saw repeated inquiries about Manchin’s political intentions.

“Guys, listen, I’m not running for anything,” Manchin stated, emphasizing his goal to encourage more political engagement. “I’m basically running to try to get people involved.”

This conversation comes amid growing speculation about Manchin’s future in politics, spurred by a two-month “listening tour” and his decision, shared with Romney, not to seek Senate re-election in 2024.

Known for his somewhat centrist stance, Manchin has openly criticized both the current and former Presidents, distinguishing himself from the more progressive members of his party.

In a move that could support a potential presidential campaign, Manchin’s daughter Heather founded “Americans Together,” a nonprofit aimed at uniting moderate voters against the extremes of both political sides.

The mission of “Americans Together” is to combat political extremism, advocating for unity and cooperation.

“We stand against extremism in politics. It has taken over our political system and taken away our voice,” the organization’s website declares. “As proud Americans, we agree on more than we disagree. We demand that our politicians put country before party to get things done. Enough is enough.”

Manchin has suggested he will make a decision about running for president after Super Tuesday, a key moment in the primary election cycle that could significantly influence his decision.

“Super Tuesday pretty much confirms whatever is going to happen, what we believe will happen, and we’ll see where we go from there,” Manchin said to journalists on the New Hampshire primary day.