Nathan Wade’s Testimony Just Put an End to Fani Willis, Even MSNBC Threw in the Towel

After a Thursday hearing it’s pretty obvious that Fulton County DA Fani Willis’s case against former President Donald Trump is in big trouble.

The testimony of Willis’s special prosecutor, Nathan Wade, with whom Willis has been romantically linked, only added to the uncertainty and could have even made things worse.

A former Fulton County DA employee, and longtime friend of Willis, testified under oath that Willis and Wade were romantically involved in 2019, contradicting earlier statements by both Willis and Wade claiming their relationship began in 2022.

This revelation could prove devastating to the case, according to MSNBC legal analyst Caroline Polisi, who stated that if the relationship had indeed started earlier, it would be “game over” for Willis and her case against Trump.

When Wade took the stand, his testimony did little to improve the situation.

When asked about a cabin in Tennessee where he and Willis allegedly stayed, he simply said, “I book lots of cabins.”

Wade also explained that they traveled to Tennessee from Atlanta just to have lunch because Willis feared being recognized.

While he claimed that Willis paid her own way, he could only show receipts that he paid with his business credit card, as she often reimbursed him in CASH.

Wade, who had previously claimed that he did not engage in sexual relations outside his recent marriage, admitted to sleeping with Willis.

If the hearing doesn’t go in Willis’s favor, Polisi believes that Willis will be disqualified, and her entire office will be disqualified as well.

This would result in the case being reassigned and potentially “languishing” with the PAC of Georgia, effectively killing the case. Willis’s credibility would be “completely shot.”

The outcome of this hearing could have far-reaching consequences for the case and for Fani Willis herself.