Marco Rubio Spills the Beans on Smuggling Network Bringing ISIS Related People Across the Border

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) recently expressed grave concerns about the resurgence of ISIS-K, the Afghan wing of ISIS, and its potential to carry out devastating attacks on U.S. soil.

During an interview on ABC News’ “This Week,” Rubio discussed the terrorist group’s recent deadly assaults in Moscow and Iran, which claimed the lives of numerous individuals.

Rubio emphasized that the hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021 under the Biden administration provided ISIS-K with the opportunity to regroup and plan external operations.

He recalled the tragic suicide bombing at Kabul International Airport that killed 13 American service members during the chaotic evacuation process.

The senator revealed that FBI Director Christopher Wray had confirmed the existence of a trafficking network that smuggles individuals with ties to ISIS into the United States. Rubio said, “I think common sense tells you, if they run a trafficking network of people, they would most certainly use it to move operatives into the United States.”

While not claiming an imminent threat, Rubio stressed that the combination of the porous southern border and the presence of this trafficking network poses a significant security risk to the nation. He warned that if ISIS-K had the opportunity to replicate their attacks in Moscow within the United States, they would do so without hesitation.

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Rubio contrasted the current situation with the state of ISIS under former President Donald Trump’s administration, asserting that the terrorist organization was “basically out of business” at that time.

He attributed ISIS-K’s resurgence to the lack of a strong U.S. presence in Afghanistan, which has allowed them to operate openly and engage in external plotting.

The senator emphasized the need for vigilance, particularly in light of the unprecedented influx of migrants across the southern border over the past three years.

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He cautioned that ISIS-K’s aspirations extend beyond Russia and Iran, and that they would relish the opportunity to strike within the United States.