Michelle Obama Makes Big Announcement Regarding 2024

Because of recent poll numbers showing former President Donald Trump leading President Joe Biden in the 2024 race for the White House, and Joe Biden’s obvious mental issues, many Democrats have been considering Michelle Obama as a possible alternative for their party’s nomination.

However, Michelle Obama’s office has just announced that she will not be running for president this year.

According to Crystal Carson, director of communications for Obama’s office, Mrs. Obama supports President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ re-election campaign.

The former first lady has expressed several times over the years that she will not be running for president.

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The possibility of Michelle Obama’s candidacy has been a popular topic among both liberals and conservatives, with some predicting that she could replace Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket.

However, sources close to the matter have revealed that Michelle Obama intends to assist the Biden campaign instead of running herself.

The former first lady is expected to focus on other commitments and will likely be limited in her involvement compared to her husband.

The Biden campaign plans to use Michelle Obama to appeal to swing state voters late in the campaign.

In a statement, Biden campaign spokesperson Kevin Munoz expressed gratitude for the Obama’s support, stating, “President and Michelle Obama were enormously helpful in the fight to beat Donald Trump and elect President Biden and Vice President Harris the first time and we are grateful to have their voice and their support in the fight for the fate of our democracy this November.”

Of course, as good and loyal Communists Democrats there is no way Michelle Obama, Gavin Newsom or any other contender to replace Joe Biden would declare they are running until Joe Biden formally drops out.

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So while both Michelle Obama and Gavin Newsom have declared they are not running in 2024 I assure you the vultures are circling above the hollow shell of ‘President’ Joe Biden.

Prediction: Within the next 60 days either Joe Biden will announce he is not running for president due to health concerns or Kamala Harris will be replaced on the ticket.