Krysten Sinema Shakes Up AZ Senate Race, Makes Major Announcement About 2024

Arizona Independent Senator Kyrsten Sinema declared on Tuesday that she will not be seeking reelection in 2024. The announcement was made through a video on her social media account.

In the video, Sinema stated, “I believe in my approach, but it’s not what America wants right now. I love Arizona, and I am incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished together. I will be leaving the Senate at the end of this year.”

As a result, the race is now a tight competition between Democratic Representative Ruben Gallego and Republican candidate Kari Lake.

In 2022, Sinema changed her party affiliation from Democrat to Independent, as Arizona has shifted away from being a strongly conservative state in recent years. This transition left her politically isolated.

Considering that Arizona’s primary is on March 19 and Sinema had not yet declared a reelection campaign, her announcement was not entirely unexpected.