‘The North Face’ Tells Customers To Get a Discount They Have to Pass a DEI Course

Woke outdoor clothing maker ‘The North Face’ is practically begging for a boycott.

They’re offering a 20% discount to any customer that willingly completes a diversity, equity and inclusion course.

Why anyone who’s not a leftist would debase themselves like that to get a discount on a jacket is beyond me but apparently the wokesters that run the company think alienating potential customers is a good idea.

Via The Daily Wire:

“The company launched the course, titled “Allyship in the Outdoors,” to teach customers about racial disparities in outdoor activities. It is roughly an hour long and is intended for people who work in the outdoor industry. Those who take the course from North America are ineligible for the discount, however.

“At The North Face, we believe in the power of exploration. As individuals, professionals and companies who share a love for the outdoors and exploration, we also have a responsibility to support spaces where everyone feels like they belong,” the course description says. “This 1-hour digital course is designed to foster a deeper understanding of the unique challenges that people of colour face when accessing the outdoors.”

“The course focuses on perspective of race and racism in Europe, and we acknowledge that the experiences of people of colour around the globe differs. It will also provide training and resources, through 4 interactive modules, to help you be a better ally and to make the outdoors a safer and more welcoming place for everyone,” the website adds.

The course walks through four modules on various aspects of racial diversity in outdoor activities, including lessons on “privilege” and how to handle accusations of being “woke.” The modules also include portions on what events, such as the death of George Floyd, can mean.

“Privilege can give us access to the outdoors – that means some people can enjoy advantages that they inherit from birth and/or accumulate over time,” the course says. “In this particular context, we refer to ‘white privilege’ meaning that your race and skin colour can give you access to the outdoors when others can be excluded because of historic, enduring racism and biases.”

All I can say is good luck to ‘The North Face’.

I actually own several of their jackets but they will be the last products from that company I ever own.

To ram politics down people’s throats to get a discount is just stupid business.

Maybe produce a better product at a lower price?

Either way, screw North Face. They make good products but I won’t bow to leftism to get a deal on one.