Speaker Johnson Vows to Cut Budgets of DOJ, FBI, ATF and EPA, Turned ‘Against the American People’

During a press conference today, House Speaker Mike Johnson, a Republican from Louisiana, stated that he intends to advocate for budget reductions to various federal law enforcement organizations.

“We also advanced as you’ve seen the summary cuts to some of the agencies that we believe are really overreaching and have been turned in some ways against the American people. We were gonna cut 3% from DOJ, 7% from the ATF, 6% from the FBI, 10% from the EPA.”

This announcement was made during a speech that touched on topics such as border control, crime rates, and the State of the Union, with criticisms directed towards President Joe Biden’s policies.

Speaker Johnson criticized certain federal law enforcement agencies for exceeding their authority and, in his words, “turned, in some ways, against the American people.”

Speaker Mike Johnson is sadly right in my opinion.

Federal law enforcement has in many ways been weaponized against the American people simply because of their political beliefs.

It’s time for these agencies to return to their former impartial roles instead of the mass politicization we have seen the past decade or so.