Small Business Owners Sound the Alarm Over Bidenomics, Bracing For The Worst

As President Biden campaigns for a potential second term, small business owners across America are sounding the alarm about the economic consequences of another four years under his leadership.

The specter of Bidenomics has many worried, as soaring inflation eats away at already thin profit margins, threatening the survival of these vital economic contributors.

Maher Youssef, owner of Pluto Organic Cafe, didn’t hold back when sharing his thoughts on “Fox & Friends” Thursday.

“Biden should do something about it, and he should never continue because he only \[cares\] about himself and his family,” Youssef said bluntly. He stressed that the struggle is widespread, affecting small business owners everywhere, and questioned how they could possibly keep going under such difficult conditions.

Youssef’s concerns are echoed by many of his peers.

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A recent survey by RedBalloon and PublicSq. found that nearly half of the business owners polled doubt their ability to survive another Biden term.

This alarming statistic highlights the deep economic anxiety felt by the small business community.

At the heart of the growing unease is the unrelenting rise of inflation.

Since President Biden took office in 2021, prices have jumped by nearly 20%.

The cost of everyday items continues to climb, with the consumer price index showing a 3.4% increase from March to April alone.

Grocery prices have been hit particularly hard, surging by a shocking 21% over the past three years, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Katlyn Swaffer, co-owner of Just Baked Bakery and Deli, shared an example of how these price hikes are affecting her business.

“So in 2020, when we first opened, we would pay around $15 a case for eggs, which is 15 dozen. Now it’s upwards of $50, and sometimes it’s $100 for a case of eggs,” she explained on “Fox & Friends.”

Youssef echoed this sentiment, noting that even small purchases have become increasingly expensive.

“When you go buy little things, like salsa or bread or toast or anything, everything becomes very expensive. We can’t put the prices too high because people can’t afford to buy from you,” he said, also pointing to high gas prices as a factor.

As small businesses are forced to pass on these costs to their customers, they’re seeing a drop in sales and foot traffic.

Swaffer shared a telling example, revealing that many of her once-regular customers have had to cut back on visits and purchases. “We have a lot of our regular customers who \[are\] no longer regular customers. They maybe come once a month instead of once a week, or they’re not buying their cakes from us anymore because we have to charge more than the grocery store,” she said.

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With inflation and the economy at the forefront of voters’ minds, the idea of four more years of Bidenomics has small business owners and families across the country fearing the worst.