Ben Carson Warns America Will Be ‘Destroyed From Within’ Over Squatters Rights, ‘We’ve Lost Our Mind’

When a couple in New York City’s suburb of Douglaston, Queens, purchased their dream home for $2 million, they never anticipated that it would be occupied by a squatter.

This shocking turn of events has sparked a national debate on the legitimacy of squatter’s rights, with prominent figures like Dr. Ben Carson weighing in on the issue.

In October 2023, Susana and Joseph Landa purchased their dream house, only to find a squatter already living inside.

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The squatter, a man named Carlos Flores, claimed squatter’s rights under New York state law, which grants temporary rights to individuals who occupy a property for 30 days or more.

Dr. Ben Carson, the former U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, expressed his disbelief on Fox Business: “We’ve kind of lost our minds. Squatters’ rights? You’ve got to be kidding me. Squatters don’t have any rights. They have no right to be in your house. What are they going to have next? Trespasser’s rights? That makes no sense whatsoever.”

The Landas have found themselves in a long, arduous legal battle to reclaim their property.

New York state law requires them to prove their right to the property and go through eviction proceedings, a process that has already taken several hearings and resulted in numerous delays.

The couple has been left to bear the financial burden of the house, including the cost of utilities, while they wait for a resolution.

The frustration and sense of injustice have left them questioning the system: “If you have no lease and you’re not paying rent, what is your right?” Joseph asked.

Susana described the situation as “broken,” emphasizing that “I never would imagine we have no rights, no rights at all, nothing, zero.”

Dr. Carson’s stance is clear: America needs to enforce the law and protect its law-abiding citizens.

He argues that failure to do so could lead to chaos and anarchy, and ultimately, the destruction of the United States from within.

The Landas’ story serves as a stark example of the potential consequences of squatter’s rights.

It highlights the need to reevaluate and reform these laws to ensure that law-abiding citizens are not left at the mercy of those who seek to exploit the system.

As the debate rages on, one thing remains clear: the Landas’ dream home has turned into a nightmare, and it is a situation that no homeowner should ever have to face.

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