Blue State Now Asking Residents to Take Migrants Into Their Homes, ‘Help Them Integrate Into US Society’

The woke state government of Michigan, currently run by Gretchen Whitmer, one of China’s favorite Governors, is asking residents to take migrants into their homes to “help them integrate into US society”:

Via Fox 2 Detroit:

The Office of Global Michigan is looking for resident volunteers to house migrants in their homes and help integrate them into US society.

The Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Development says residents who participate must make a 90-day commitment. As part of the refugee support program, residents are asked to help with relocation needs due to the border crisis, and make a home in the state.

Residents are asked to meet the person or family at the airport, helping find housing, enroll children in school, and help with finding employment for adults as part of the Welcome Corps.

“The Office of Global Michigan’s goal is to make Michigan the home for opportunity for our immigrant, refugee and ethnic communities,” said Poppy Hernandez, Michigan’s Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer and Director of the Office of Global Michigan. “With expanded refugee resettlement pathways, everyday Michiganders can provide refuge and build a state where people are welcomed with open arms.”

How about a big fat NO!

For one thing these “immigrants” are by their very nature criminals who broke our laws coming into our country illegally.

Don’t know about you but I for one will never willingly take a criminal into my home to potentially endanger me and my family.

If you’re not willing to take illegal immigrants into your home the State of Michigan has another great option for you.

You can make a tax deductible donation to “support housing, legal services, interpretation, education, and K-12 children” for illegal immigrants.

How about another big fat NO on that one too!

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The Biden administration and Democrats in general are 100% responsible for this mess and they to find ways to fix it without making obscene requests of the citizens of this country.

Lets hope that residents of Michigan are smart enough to say no to this ridiculous scheme.