New Poll Reveals Voters Views on US Intelligence Agencies and the Upcoming Election

A recent Rasmussen poll surveyed 979 likely U.S. voters about their views on U.S. intelligence agencies and the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

The poll, conducted from February 26-28 with a 3 point margin of error, found:

52% believe it’s likely that the CIA and other agencies may try to influence the election outcome, with 31% saying it’s very likely. 38% say this is unlikely.

49% believe intelligence agencies have their own political agenda, while 36% see them as largely impartial.

64% think it’s likely agencies influence media coverage of political issues. 27% disagree.

48% view the CIA favorably overall, while 39% view it unfavorably.

Democrats (62%) are more likely than Republicans (38%) and independents (42%) to view the CIA favorably.

Republicans (62%) and independents (53%) are more likely than Democrats (33%) to believe agencies have a political agenda.

Suspicion that agencies may try to influence the election is highest among Republicans (69%), followed by independents (49%) and Democrats (38%).

Those ages 40-64 are most suspicious of intelligence agencies compared to other age groups.

Given what we saw with the Hunter Biden laptop episode in the last election it is not surprising that the public, especially those who identify as Republicans, would believe that the intelligence agencies would try and interfere in this election.

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